Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Maya tips and shortcuts

Reposition pivot point

Press Insert on the keyboard.

hold V and move the pivot to activate snapping

Press Insert to exit edit pivot mode.

snap the object from it pivot point to a grid line
X + move with move tool

Smooth preview
number 3 on keyboard

Normal preview
number 1 on keyboard

object view
select an object and press F

extrude in one axis
click on extrude
press W to make the axis appear

Access a window stuck in another screen
With the window we want activated, press alt+ spacebar
press the down arrow button two times
press enter
move with the arrows in the right direction until you can access the window

access edit menus
shift+right click
W+left click

center pivot
spacebar-modify-center pivot

combine two separate objects
select the multiple objects to combine with shift
mesh menu- combine

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