Monday, 28 July 2014

cartoony house modelling

I decided to wait a bit before modelling my mini-van. I don't know much about Maya tools, so before going into modelling for real, I will follow this little tutorial going through Maya tools.

Actually, this tutorial seems to have quite a nice batch of tutorial for beginners.

My reference pictures:

The house base shape

Here is a preview of the house with most of it parts. I still need to add some details. I want to add a chimney and I still have the roof tiles to make.

 With the roof details.

Done with the modelling. I really want to deform the house like in the tutorial, but it does not show how to. I will need to look elsewhere to learn how to do it.

Maybe I can use this tutorial to deforme the house:

I used the lattice tutorial and successfully deform the house by applying two lattices. One for the roof and another for the house and chimney. I also re-scaled the sides of the gabbles for a better style consistency.

Now, it is time to add colors with simple shaders.

I don't know about the shaders. It kinda looks bleh...
I will add the lights and make a render to see if it gets better.
It will be easier to adjust the colors too. I haven't add specular and all too, so it is basically plain shaders.

Final Result! I am very satisfied with this exercise. I had quite a hard time controlling the light and the shadows. They often looked out of place, but I think that with do.

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