Saturday, 26 July 2014

Flash dressing game still going on


Ok, I began this a long time ago. Half a year ago, maybe? Then, school started and I left it behind. I first tried to do this little dressing game because I wanted to learn more about Adobe Flash. I used this software in high school, but I forgot all about it. As this is my first dressing game, there are some things I had miscalculated, but I still won't leave it in a corner. Hope I can finish it someday. The scripting is done. I just need to complete the closet. I am also thinking about adding a start menu. And yes... The character I use is a renowned mascot in every Final Fantasy, a mog...or moogle.

Some things to look out next time: make a front view of the character instead of a 3/4 view. It is easier to draw the clothes. Sometimes, I drawn them quicker and forgot about the perspective (sorry about that, and I am a little lazy to redo them). I should be more careful next time. A front view also makes it easier for multiple clothes to fit together. We should also think about having the arms in suspension in case there are fluffy and large clothes. Make some sticky clothes also. It is easy to make and gives more choices. If it is a 3/4 view, we should try to separate the front arm from the rest of the body.

Previews of the ongoing game.

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