Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dragon girl concept

For my new 3D character, I plan to make a girl with dragon features. Maybe someone raised by dragons or with abilities common to dragons. I don't know yet, because there is no predetermined story behind it.

Here are some preliminary designs.

I have decided to add scales.

Because it is for animation practice, I tried to avoid too much flowy parts. I also wanted to make her looks more adventurous. I haven't really animated in 3D yet, so I am trying to found a design sinple enough.

Different designs. The shoulders part was mostly decided, but I wasn't satisfied with the lower part.

My last sketch. It is a mix of what I liked in my previous drawings. I removed the belt that didn't fit well. I added pointy and round shapes. Her skin is covered with brown spots, reminding the dragon skin.
Now, I need to make a clean with the details and redesign the face.

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