Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Final Fantasy III- Moogle

Finally! I'm uploading all the papercrafts I did.

It is the moogle in Final Fantasy III.

Let's begin with this one. My second papercraft. I'm trully proud of it, because I did it half of its original size! That's mean that it was almost non-doable.

Also, I was so anger to do it that I rush thing without having the good material. Ya, I used one-sided scotch tape and light paper... Result: I like it because of all the effort I had to put on it, but it is really messy... Parts aren't even closed... I have not realized at the good time that the purple rectangle was to be stick on the back of the wings pattern.. Also, if anyone can tell me what the yellow thingy with two black triangle is used for... I used a metal strip to make stand the antenna.

Grab the diagram here. 
(The first one in the list)

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